Product bookings (r:product-bookings)


The Product Bookings relation provides a way to query for Product booking (p:product-booking) s; available as administrator resource; in order to query the backend for bookings made.


  "_links": {
    "" : {
      "href" : "{?productHref,start,end}",
      "templated" : true



productHref:URI [OPTIONAL] The productHref of the product to limit results by. If left out; bookings for all products will be returned.
start:DateTime [OPTIONAL] The start DateTime to limit results by; inclusive. If left out; bookings for the earliest available date will be returned. [1]
end:DateTime [OPTIONAL] The end DateTime to limit results by; exclusive. If left out; all bookings until now are returned. [1]

NB! Since the amount of items can become quite large; it is recommended to keep the time-window as small as possible. For administrative needs; it seems logical to limit the start and end to “monthly” windows. For the “default” view; it is recommended to always set a start-date; not too far back in history (Also ~1 month).


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[1](1, 2) All dates are in ISO8601 notation