Trip (p:trip)

A trip is a description to get from one location to another location at a certain time. It is created in the context of a Trip alternatives (p:trip-alternatives) resource by sending a POST request to a Trip planner (r:plan) relation link.

Trip resources may expire in time, unless the trip is selected using a Trip selection (p:trip-selection) resource.


$ curl -H'Content-Type: application/json' -H'Authorization: Bearer UArtDY9Bpo9Whga2mfd7nIK6vENxp2twtnH7RvPC6xj0jy6' ''
  "delay" : 0,
  "departure" : "2013-12-16T10:12:00.000Z",
  "arrival" : "2013-12-16T10:18:39.000Z",
  "duration" : 399,
  "distance" : 522.0705836936742,
  "transfers" : 0,
  "from" : {
    "latitude" : 52.37460530588672,
    "longitude" : 4.895497175516921
  "to" : {
    "latitude" : 52.37759095501316,
    "longitude" : 4.900266416974644
  "tripLegs" : [ {
    "departure" : "2013-12-16T10:12:00.000Z",
    "departureTime" : "2013-12-16T10:12:00.000Z",
    "scheduledDepartureTime" : "2013-12-16T10:12:00.000Z",
    "arrival" : "2013-12-16T10:18:39.000Z",
    "arrivalTime" : "2013-12-16T10:18:39.000Z",
    "scheduledArrivalTime" : "2013-12-16T10:18:39.000Z",
    "departureLocation" : {
      "type" : "street",
      "label" : "Beursplein, Amsterdam",
      "coordinates" : {
        "latitude" : 52.37460530588672,
        "longitude" : 4.895497175516921
      "street" : "Beursplein",
      "city" : "Amsterdam"
    "arrivalLocation" : {
      "type" : "street",
      "label" : "Stationsplein, Amsterdam",
      "coordinates" : {
        "latitude" : 52.37759095501316,
        "longitude" : 4.900266416974644
      "street" : "Stationsplein",
      "city" : "Amsterdam"
    "mode" : {
      "modeType" : "walk",
      "name" : "",
      "lineNumber" : ""
    "distance" : 522.0705836936742,
    "intermediateStops" : [ ],
    "shape" : "o}||Hwyd^hE{CCK",
    "reservationHref" : "",
    "subscriptionHrefs": [ "" ],
    "productHrefs": [ "" ],
    "selfHref" : ""
  } ],
  "notifications" : [ ],
  "emission" : 0.0,
  "cost" : 0.0,
  "_links" : {
    "self" : {
      "href" : ""



from:Coordinates The coordinates of the departure location
to:Coordinates The coordinates of the arrival location
departure:DateTime The time at which to depart. If there is any dynamic/realtime information, this datetime will show the estimated time.
arrival:DateTime The time at which this trip will arrive. If there is any dynamic/realtime information, this datetime will show the estimated time.
delay:Integer The delay in seconds, if any.
duration:Integer The duration of the entire trip, in seconds.
distance:Double The distance traveled in meters.
transfers:Integer The number of transfers this trip will need. [1]
emission:Double The estimated amount of CO2 emission in kg.
cost:Double The estimated costs for this trip, in €, with 2 decimals.
tripLegs:TripLeg[] A list of tripLeg.
notifications:Notification[] A list of notification.
[1]Only transfers from and to transit modes are counted. E.g. from tram to train, but not from bike to tram. Or: walk-tram-bus-cycle trip, has 1 transfer.


latitude:Double The latitude coordinate in degrees, north is positive, south is negative
longitude:Double The longitude coordinate in degrees, east is positive, west is negative


departure:DEPRECATED DateTime Scheduled Departure time
arrival:DEPRECATED DateTime Scheduled Arrival time
departureTime:DateTime Estimated Departure time, based on dynamic/realtime information.
 DateTime Scheduled Departure time.
departureDelay:String A semantic string, indicating the delay at departure. [2]
 Location (p:location) The location this leg departs from.
arrivalTime:DateTime Estimated arrival time, based on dynamic/realtime information.
 DateTime Scheduled Arrival time
arrivalDelay:String A semantic string, indicating the delay at arrival. [2]
 Location (p:location) The location this leg gets you to.
dynamic:Boolean If true, the answer is the result of planning with dynamic information.
mode:Mode The mode used during this leg.
distance:Double Distance traveled during this leg, empty for TRAIN legs, in meters.
 IntermediateStop[] The intermediate stops for this leg.
shape:PolyLine A shape, encoded as PolyLine
 DEPRECATED URI [OPTIONAL] The href to the reservation linked to this trip-leg
 DEPRECATED URI [OPTIONAL] The href to a subscription the user has, that can be used to make a reservation for this trip-leg.
productHrefs:DEPRECATED URI [OPTIONAL] The href to a product, that can be used to make a reservation for this trip-leg. Note that there the user needs to subscribe to this product first. The client :term:MAY subscribe the user on-the-fly while making a reservation.
selfHref:DEPRECATED URI Same as self-link. Here only to facilitate the need for trip-leg to be an entity, but it isn’t yet in context of a trip.
[2](1, 2) Something like “+3 min” for three minutes delay. Not guaranteed to be parse-able.


id:String A temporary unique identifier for this notification
agency:String The agency from which the notification originated
message:String A localized message
severity:NotificationSeverify The severity of this notification


warning:LiteralValue Things are happening, things that influence the trip, delays and stuff.
info:LiteralValue Kind of ‘take note of this’ severity.


location:String The location of this intermediate stop.
arrival:DateTime The arrival time at this intermediate stop.
departure:DateTime The departure time from this intermediate stop.


modeType:ModeType The type of this Mode.
name:String Something like ‘Intercity’, ‘Arriva Bus’, ‘Fiets’, ‘OV-Fiets’, etc..
agencyName:String [OPTIONAL] The name of the agency operating this mode, e.g. ‘Haagse Tramweg Maatschappij’, ‘NS Hispeed’.
headsign:String [OPTIONAL] Main destination of mode, if available, as displayed on the vehicle
lineNumber:String [OPTIONAL] Something like ‘1’, ‘213’, ‘22a’, usually associated with a specific route.
ownerHref:URI [OPTIONAL] The href pointing to the owner of this mode.
logoHref:URI [OPTIONAL] The href to the logo for this mode.
href:URI [OPTIONAL] The href where more (human readable) information about this mode can be found.
description:String [OPTIONAL] A (short) description about this mode. Intended to be displayed close to where the mode itself is shown (e.g. in a tooltip text).


These values seem to speak for themselves

  • bicycle
  • bus
  • car
  • ferry
  • subway
  • train
  • tram
  • walk