Geocoder (r:geocoder)

The geocoder relation indicates a templated link that can be used to search for locations. This functionality is often called geocoding. The link is found on the API root (p:root).


  "_links": {
    "": {
      "templated": true,
      "link": "{?query,count,types}"

A GET request to the URL will return locations matching “oude delft”.


The profile of the linked resource is Locations (p:locations).


query:String The search query.
count:Integer [OPTIONAL] The maximum number of returned results. Defaults to 5
types:String [OPTIONAL] A comma-separated list of location-types
extratypes:String [OPTIONAL] A comma-separated list of extra location-types, which will be used to increase the number of results if it is initially less than count
LocationTypes:address, street, city, postal_code, station, stop, park_and_ride, parking, mywheels, ov-fiets, snappcar, autohopper, veiligstallen, oplaadpalen, rentalbicycle, rentalcar, poi, province, municipality, town