Reverse geocoder (r:gedeocoder)

The geodecoder relation indicates a templated link that can be used to find the nearest locations to a geographical point. This process is often called reverse geocoding or geodecoding. The link is found on the API root (p:root).


  "_links": {
    "" : {
      "href" : "{?latitude,longitude,types,count}",
      "templated" : true

A GET request to the URL will return station locations near coordinates 52.01760, 4.36793.


The profile of the linked resource is Locations (p:locations).

The link template uses the following variables:

Name Description Default
latitude The latitude of the search point.  
longitude The longitude of the search point.  
types A comma-separated list of locations types to return: address, station and stop. all
count The maximum number of returned locations. 5