Stop times (r:stoptimes)

The stop times relation links a transit stop Location (p:location) to the Transit stop times (p:stoptimes) of transit journeys that stop there within an interval.


  "_links" : {
    "" : {
      "href" : "{?interval}",
      "templated" : true

A GET request to the URL will return all the times that a vehicle will stop at the location (from where you followed this href) bewteen 15 minutes past 3PM, on January 1st til 15 minutes past 4PM. (i.e. a one hour window)


The profile of the linked resource is Transit stop times (p:stoptimes)

The link template uses the following variable:

Name Description Default
interval The interval in ISO 8601 notation. If only a period is given, now is the assumed start time. now/PT1H